Indulgences No 5

$ 4,750.00

This pair of limited edition sneakers -- 24K gold dipped genuine Nike Air Jordan 1 -- aren't to be stuffed away in your closet with the other 100 pairs of limited edition sneakers you've collected.

Available in an edition of 5, Indulgences No. 5 (Air Jordan 1) -- custom, gold-dipped Nike Dunk High sneakers, have been shown in New York and London, Indulgences No. 5 been featured on the cover of the Independent's Arts Section (UK), in Blag (UK), Vivre (US), El Mundo (Spain), New York Times (US), Art Forum (US), Zoot (Portugal), and online at Kanye West's blog,,, fashionweeklydaily, among others.

  • Date of Design: 2006
  • Edition: 5
  • Size: 28 cm L x 13 cm W x 18 cm H
  • Material: 24K gold dipped, Nike Air Jordan 1

*This item is custom made. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery.