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About Us

New York artist and designer Ken Courtney is the founder of Just Another Rich Kid. The collection of tailored streetwear includes:

* Slim-fit men's short and long sleeved crew and v-neck t-shirts
* Long-sleeved hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts
* Long-sleeved henleys
* Slim-fit dress shirts
* Flannel-lined, Italian wool military jackets

Every season a new collection is designed, using an electric mix of one-of-a-kind artist-drawn graphics, each with a hint of rebelliousness and a taste for all things pop culture.

Just Another Rich Kid is back with a new collection of Indulgences -- SEVEN DEADLY SINS - - designed as a solo project. The unisex line consists of 7 silver charms (one for each deadly sin) on 24" necklaces shot by New York photographer Zachary Bako on one of the most-seen male models of the year Jeremy Wardlaw from re:Quest. As with the original Indulgences, the SEVEN DEADLY SINS are edgy and thought-provoking. The necklaces are subtle and delicate in their size and form, but powerful in the imagery used for the charms -- a marijuana leaf, a tiny coke spoon shovel, a bunny, and an upside down crucifix.

Courtney debuted in 2002 with the explosive line of Starfucker tees and with an installation entitled The New American Dream, addressing the commodity of celebrity. In September 2004, he presented a highly-regarded performance piece - Paparazzi - at the now infamous, short-lived Terminal 5 exhibition at the Eero Saarinen Terminal at New York's JFK airport. In the spring of 2005, he invited Tobias Wong to collaborate with him on the widely acclaimed design collection Indulgences (for the man who has absolutely everything!), which has been sold around the world and was displayed in the galleries atColette and Loveless. Three (3) pieces from the Indulgences are now part of the permanent collection at SFMOMA. The series lead to an Absolut vodka collaboration, featuring a gold plated Absolut bottle, Absolut Indulgence.

Currently, Courtney is part of a group show at Anna Kustera entitled Urbanity On Paper, which includes his 2007 diptych Untitled: The Heartbreakers + The Ramones, from theBlood Simple series of prints. In the summer of 2007, Courtney collaborated with Britain's most in-demand young artist, Stuart Semple, to co-curate The Black Market at Anna Kustera. The installation underscores the disparity between the utopian ideal of "designed" perfection and the realities of everyday existence. The show featured new t-shirts and Indulgences No. 5 Nike Dunk High - a pair of gold-dipped Nike Dunks - by Just Another Rich Kid, as well as Teen Team Chaos, a mixed media collaborative piece between Courtney and Semple.